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I'm a designer and art director living in Poland. I specialize in logotype and visual identity design. I have 5+ years of experience in helping companies level up competition by delivering high quality graphic design. I am happy beard owner with curious mind. I am always looking for opportunities to develop my skills and knowledge.My clients hire me because they care about making professional impressions. If you are looking for someone with out-of-the-box thinking who also has skills and resources necessary to execute top class design, get in touch.

Why me?

1. Regularity and creativity
I do not wait for any special circumstances. I just sit down and work hard until I will meet the best results. I have a process that I trust and follow that. I will explore as many ideas as I can and test almost all of the possibilites to succed in my projects.

2. Openness and honesty
I will always tell you the truth and how things look like in real. I like to meet and talk with people and I think that all the relationships has to be built on trust.

3. Curiosity
I have a curious mind which always makes me to check out new things, trends and ideas. I always try to learn something new or develop skills that I already have.

4. Fun

I love what I do. I have that internal need of creating stuff and I fulfill that by design. It makes me happy to see new projects that I create. Thats why I bring a lot of smile in my process, cooperation and design.

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